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PLEASE NOTE: All activities at Leisurezone are subject to availibility.

Swimming at Leisurezone

This Leisurezone swim timetable has been designed to ensure that there is a wide range of
opportunities for you to swim. You do not need to be a member to swim at Leisurezone, just
pop in and pay as you go.

When the pool is busy, a band system will be in use. If the pool is at constant capacity,
swimming sessions may be introduced and these would be on the hour. If bands or sessions
are in operation, the duration of your swim will be 45 minutes. During non busy periods swim
time will be flexible.

For details on Swim Prices, please check out our Sessions Price List (PDF)

Lane Swimming and Casual Swimming

There are plenty of opportunities for you to come and enjoy our superb pool. We think you'll agree that the design of the 25m, 8 lane swimming pool certainly has the 'wow' factor! We hope you'll enjoy your swimming experience at Leisurezone.

Child Admittance Policy All children up to 8 must be accompanied in the water by someone of
at least 16 years old. The following ratios of adult to children must be adhered to:

Please note: When the pool is busy, a pool band system will be in use. If the pool is at constant capacity, swimming sessions may be introduced and these would be on the hour. If bands or sessions are in use, the duration of your swim will be 45 minutes. During non busy periods swim times are flexible.

Please click here for more information on our Membership Packages or Pay As You Go options


Our vibrant AquaFit classes are great for all ages and abilities. Minimum age is 14 years old.

Fun Swim Sessions

Come and splash around and enjoy our Fun Swim sessions! There are a range of exciting Fun Swims to choose from:

1st Saturday of the month: Fun Float Swim

2nd Saturday: Inflatable Fun Swim

3rd Saturday: Fun Float Swim

4th Saturday: Inflatable Fun Swim

5th Saturday: Fun Float Swim

Please note there will be no closure of the pool at 4pm for set up before the Fun Float Swims.

Prices may vary for each type of fun swim and the fun swim timetable may vary during holiday times. Inflatable is for children over 8yrs only (and they must be strong swimmers), in the Main Pool. For children under 8 yrs there are fun floats in the Learner Pool. Tickets can be purchased in advance of the Inflatable Fun Swim sessions.

It should be noted that these sessions are very popular and like all Leisurezone activities, are subject to availability. 

 Children’s swimming lessons 

Boy Swimming with Armbands

Don’t let your child miss out!


LZ Swim School offers a huge range of swimming lessons options. Choose from the following lessons according to ability level, which will help to develop your child's swimming ability and move towards achieving this key life skill:

Parent and Baby - For children aged 6 months to 18 months.
Fun play and games including nursery rhymes to build water confidence. Child must be accompanied by an adult.

Parent and Toddler - For children aged 18 months to 3 years
Toddlers, through fun, learn to move and kick on their front and back with support, jumping in, blowing bubbles and submersion.

Pre-Starter – for children aged 3yrs to 4yrs building confidence in the water. This stage helps to develop safety awareness, focussing on safe entry to the water, learning to listen to the instructor and swimming independently with floats  – No parent in the water

Stage 1 -  This stage helps develop safety awareness, focusing on safe entry to the water, basic movement skills and water confidence skills. Swimmers may use aids, such as noodles and floats.

Stage 2 - This stage focuses on swimming on their front and back up to a distance of 5m, and rotating the body to regain an upright position, jumping in and basic floating. Swimmers may use armbands and floats.

Stage 3 - Swimming in deep water to build fitness, progressing water knowledge and body rotation skills. Swimmers must be able to swim 10m front crawl and backstroke competently.

Stage 4 - Aids the learner in developing the understanding of buoyancy through a range of skills. Also covered is refining kicking techniques for all strokes. The swimmer has to swim 25m competently to a standard directed by the ASA.

Stage 5 - Developing sculling and treading water skills and body complete rotation. They perform all strokes for 50m to a standard provided by the ASA in the Learn to Swim Framework.

Stage 6 - This stage is developing effective swimming skills – including coordinated breathing – across all strokes is the focus of this stage. Learners also have to swim a distance of 100m using a stroke of their choice. Children learn about aspects of water safety.

Stage 7 - .Develop and improve stroke techniques up to 200m incorporating the skills they have learned, and combine them to develop a linked routine. They also complete an obstacle course combining skills accomplished through stages 1-7.

Bronze Challenge - During these sessions children will be learning the skills to pass the Bronze Challenge badge including swimming 400m using two different strokes, treading water and jumping.

Stage 8 - Children should have developed quality stroke techniques and be able to swim up to 400m. They will also be able to perform a turn on all four main strokes.

Silver Challenge - Children should be able to dive and swim 100m in less than three minutes, perform surface dives and sculling.

Stage 9 - Children should perform the correct starts on all the four main strokes, streamlining 10m under water, and be able to swim 800m.

Gold Challenge - Children should be able to dive and swim 100m in two and a half minutes, swim 800m in 25minutes.

Stage 10 - Children should be able to perform the correct relay takeovers and swim 200m individual medley, as well as a 1500m swim.

Honours Challenge - Children should be able to perform a routine of skills from a straddle entry, somersaults, sculling, and swim 500m

Adult - Beginner - Lessons cater for beginners and weak swimmers to learn breathing techniques, kicking with support and stroke work.

Adult - Improver - To develop the stroke incorporating breathing on all four strokes, treading water and building fitness.

To register for our swimming lessons please use click here: swimming lesson enquiry. Thank you.

Children's Swimming Lessons (£73.80 per 10 week course) or sign up for a monthly direct debit which is £24.80 to be paid on 1st of each month

Adult Swimming Lessons (£73.80 per 10 week course) or sign up for a monthly direct debit which is £24.80 to be paid on 1st of each month

Aqua Kidz Pool Parties (Exclusive use of Learner Pool)

Cost: £160.00. Max 25 kids. Must have one adult to every 2 children. With fun floats, toys and

Toddler Splash – Drop In Session

Bring along your children to this drop in fun session in the Learner Pool. Term time only.

Swimming Clubs 

Harlow Penguins is a friendly, competitive, swimming club with approximately 90 swimmers varying in ages from 4 to 16. The club accepts swimmers of all standards ranging from learning to swim, improving stroke technique, assisting overall fitness and have squads aiming for County, District and National qualifying times.

For more information on how to join Penguins Swimming Club, please contact:


At Leisurezone, within our communal Village Change area, we have spacious wet rooms specifically designed for those with a disability, a pool chair for transportation from the changing rooms to the pool, which attaches to the hoist which gently lowers into the main pool. We also have a poolside First Aid room with couch. If you have any questions regarding accessibility at Leisurezone, please do contact us via email or phone.

Swim Timetable

You can view and print from our swim timetable, to the left here.

To view the Learner Pool timetable, click on the arrow to the right of the timetable which currently says Main Pool. You can then select Learner Pool, or All Facilities, if you want to see times for both.

You can also filter the timetable by the pool activity you are interested in. Simply click the filter link and choose the activity, such as Public Swim, or perhaps AquaFit.

Please note that we operate a slightly different timetable during school holidays, so do check the timetable online before you come in. Thank you and enjoy!


Book Lessons

To find out more about our swimming lessons and to book, please
contact our Swimming Co-ordinator at or call now on 01279 621505 

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