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What our members say about us!

We find the success stories of our members so inspiring, and hope you will too:

If I can do it, anyone can!

The fitness instructor’s where so helpful, they created an easy to follow workout and achievable goals for me and gave me useful dietary information.  I found the equipment to be a very high standard well maintained and easy to use, the fitness instructors are always on hand if I had any problems or queries about the equipment.

Weight Loss Success - Photo of Kevin Before losing 5 stoneWeight Loss Success - Kevin after losing 5 stone - amazing!

It was a slow process to begin with but once I got in the swing of things and pushing myself out of my comfort zone I began to believe, I started running faster and lifting heavier weights. The LZ team have been there for the journey giving me support and encouragement,  I’ve had regular personal training sessions which I really enjoy, it keeps me in check and  I get such a good variety of different exercises working different body parts,  I’m always learning new things to put into my routine.   My personal trainer pushes me even further than I thought I could and I feel fantastic once the session is over, a real sense of achievement.    

I’ve now lost over 5 stone and can honestly say my  weight loss has changed my life and urge people to take the first step of joining the gym,  if I can do it anyone can!.  I feel like a different person, I have so much more energy and confidence,  I feel great and always look forward to my trip to the LZ    My two sons are reaping the benefits of having a fit and healthy Dad, we are always going for bike rides playing games outside and swimming at LZ.

Despite having two children and a full time job I make time for 4-5 gym sessions a week and regular squash, tennis and badminton sessions not forgetting swimming, I’m also going to have a go at the new archery sessions. I now take part in charity runs and my aim is to eventually run in the London marathon.

Kevin, Harlow

I feel good about myself again

"I recently joined the Leisurezone in November 2011 and it feels so good to get myself back into regular exercise. I had contemplated re-joining a gym after several years . After my initial induction I was given a goal setting programme. This is optional but gives you incentives, keeps you motivated, whilst making the workouts  varied. Already I am feeling the benefits to my health and wellbeing with pleasing results.

The Leisurezone provides a variety of activities and lots of choice particularly with their fitness classes.  I visit the club 3-4 times a week and also enjoy tennis, swimming and the spa facilities.

I can’t praise the staff enough, as they have been friendly, supportive and have helped me feel good about myself again.  I enjoy visiting the club regularly now and find it  enjoyable and rewarding.

What a great centre with the Olympics in mind and right on my doorstep aswell. "

Rhonda, Harlow

I've lost 8% of my body fat!

"I joined the Gym in September 2010, and since then I have embarked on a series of 1 on 1 personal training sessions.

During our sessions, my trainer demonstrates what she wants to see me do, and will push me hard and encourage me throughout our session to achieve this.

She also likes to throw in some new exercises each week and increase the work load to see how far you can push yourself and how far she can push you once you have reached what you think is your threshold.  “You get out what you put in” and no two sessions are ever the same.

My PT is always on hand, very approachable, even when not training with her to have a chat and see how things are going, gives pointers, hints and tips on how to best your own training session and achieve your own personal goal and will even give you new ideas so you don’t get stuck in a rut when training.

Since starting the gym in September, I have lost 1kg in weight but over 8% body fat.


Rob, Harlow 



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