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Since our beginnings back in 1960 as a pioneering Sportcentre, Harlow & District Sports Trust have provided fantastic facilites and great service to our customers.

We know we are only as good as the people who work for us and invest in a team that is as diverse as our membership.

Most of our team have worked with us for many years, so once you're in, you'll get hooked!

Latest Jobs:

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Benefits: We offer competitive salary and holidays, full Gold membership and free car park at the centre.

To apply for any of the above positions, complete and submit our application form via the link below:
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Alternatively you can call 01279 621512 and we will send you an application form. 

Please take some time filling in the application form. If you are selected for interview we will contact you. However, if you have not heard from us within two weeks of submitting your application then you must assume on this occasion you have been unsuccessful.

Working for Harlow Leisurezone
Harlow and District Sports Trust (HDST) was formed over 50 years ago and has been successfully operating as a Charitable Trust since 1960. It relocated to the new Leisurezone premises in Summer 2010 from the previous Harlow Sportcentre site.

If you are enthusiastic, helpful, hardworking, reliable, conscientious, motivated and can deliver excellent customer service then you are in all likelihood, the right person to apply for a position with HDST. There are lots of different roles within our centre and most of our jobs offer shift patterns that allow flexibility such as early and late starts.

We take career development seriously. Most of our staff have worked for us for many years and our teams perform at high levels all aiming to be top of their game.

The facilities at Leisurezone are superb but we feel it is our staff that make each customer's visit special.

We make it a priority to give our employees new experiences, new challenges and the chance to gain new skills so that they stay motivated. We also pride ourselves that our staff provide an excellent customer service to our visitors and members.

Recruitment Process
Your application form will be compared against set criteria for the position that you have applied for, this will ensure that the same rules apply to every applicant. This is also the best way to ensure you will meet our basic requirements.

If you meet the criteria you will be invited for interview, the interview will be conducted by the line manager and the HR Manager.

You should bear in mind that we are at our busiest at the weekends and evenings so most jobs will involve some weekend working.

To view our privacy policy please visit: Job applicant privacy policies.

Our Guiding Principles and Values

  1. Leadership
    1. Leaders will be recognised as role models in the development of excellence.
    2. Leaders will stimulate empowerment, innovation and creativity.
    3. Leaders will have a positive impact in the promotion of equal opportunities.
    4. Leaders will listen to the community, respond positively when possible and encourage community involvement.
    5. Leaders will play an active role in promoting the organisation’s vision, mission and strategy to people.
    6. Leaders will value and support people to achieve the organisation’s goals, and promote and celebrate that success when the goal is achieved.
    7. The governance of the organisation will uphold the “Nolan” principles and the charities commissions “Hallmarks of Effective Charity”.
  2. Partnership
    1. Partnership working is highly valued on all levels and we will look to be proactive in this area where other organisations or initiatives can contribute to achieving our organisation’s strategic objectives.
    2. Staff working in partnerships will be clear about their role and responsibilities and be empowered to take decisions on behalf of the organisation.
    3. Partnership working will involve all sectors, private, voluntary and community groups.
    4. Partnership arrangements will seek the views of those involved to be clear about the outcomes required and the status to date in relation to achieving them.
  3. Getting Involved with the Community
    1. Our systems for engaging the community in the development of services will be effective, particularly for under represented groups, and involve all stakeholders.
    2. Our staff will understand the value of community engagement and possess the relevant skills and experience to continually improve the organisation’s engagement strategy.
    3. Our organisation will strive to create best practice techniques or innovation to engage with stakeholders, and improve services as a result.
  4. Communication
    1. We will provide clear information about what we do and how we do it.
    2. Communication between us and our customers is essential in effective service delivery.
  5. Fairness
    1. We will treat everyone fairly, challenge inequalities and promote opportunities for all.
    2. We will provide leisure time opportunities for the whole community, irrespective of their race, gender, level of ability or economic status.
    3. We will provide open access to all, with a variety of payment options, including opportunities to pay as you go and direct debit easy payment options.
  6. The Future
    1. We will aim to find the best ways of meeting today’s needs without damaging the organisation’s aspirations, in the long term, by building sustainability into our decision making.
  7. Service Delivery and Quality
    1. We will use resources wisely to deliver value for money and quality services.
    2. Our service will make a real difference to the community and people in the community.
    3. Improvement in service quality is paramount to our success.
    4. We will aim to provide high quality leisure facilities and services.
  8. New Ideas
    1. We will look for new and better ways of providing services and meeting local needs.
  9. Valuing Customers and Staff
    1. We will support and develop our staff so that they are part of a valued and effective team.
    2. Our customers and staff are our greatest asset and customer service is driven by our staff’s attitude to their work.