sports activities at harlow leisurezone
Squash Players

squash and racketball

These fast paced racket sports can really help you to improve your cardiovascular health. You will be running, leaping and diving for the ball which can increase strength and fitness, help maintain a healthy weight, increase flexibility and strength in the back, promote good coordination, agility and flexibility build hand–eye coordination. Plus its great fun to play with a friend or competitor! 

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Badminton Players


A great sport for any age or ability. Badminton is a brilliant calorie burner. It develops physical and mental agility as well as improving balance and flexibility. Not bad at all!

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Tennis Players

table tennis

data tennis is accessible to all ages and abilities. Its good for your brain, fun and sociable. Not only that, its relatively easy on the body and great for your health.

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    club nights

    Whether you are new to squash or badminton or have been playing for years, our club nights are an ideal way to come and experience the game and make new friends.

    You can play at your own pace, no partner required as you can be paired up on the night. So come along to experience the social, friendly atmosphere.

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